Captcha - I didn't wanted it


I really don't like captchas but unfortunately since I moved my site from my homeserver to this machine the well known and hated „scripting-kids“ have filled my comments with scum as you may have seen.
Some days ago I've cleaned up this mess and I needed 2 hours.

That is the reason why I've now installed captchas for commenting.
But because I hate them because often you really can't read the letters I've enabled the voice captchas which means there is a little link to download an audio file which reads the needed letters using the NATO alphabetic.

I hope you can live with it and it prevents these junkies who think they are cool if they spam sites with their shit.

Please tell me if you have a proove that they are liquidated. Then I'll definitly remove the captchas.
Also I'm looking for other possibilities to guard my sites against them.
So leave a comment here if you know something useful.


I guess you are using the dokuwiki „captcha“ plugin, if so I have good experience with setting it to „Text (prefilled with JavaScript)“. I use this setting for some time now on my site and didn't have any comment-spam since enabling it. The good thing about this setting is that normal users with a modern browser don't notice the captchas at all, and it is even accessible from a text-only browser. Most scripts/spambots don't execute JS and also won't search the page for the letters, so it's quite effective

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| 2010/10/22 16:32 | reply

@yukari_sensei: thank you for the hint.
I'll be a good student and try your advise.

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Andrwe Lord Weber
| 2010/10/22 17:02 | reply

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