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I'll write here all I know or find out.

At the moment there will be things about M$ Windows, Arch Linux, bash-scripting, batch-scripting and some programs I'm using like murmur.

All hints presented here are tested by myself but I don't give a warranty of the functionality on each system.

For questions about these sites you can send me an e-mail lord-weber-andrwe <at> andrwe <dot> org

121e Android Jolla Linux multiboot usb-stick Midori SFTP SSL-Cert access adblock angua arch avira avnotify-block bash bashsmb batch blog blogtng bluetooth citrix completion arch-daemon createfiles ddns design design change dhcp emerge filetransfer firefox fonic ftp getmac gv4alw how-to internal modem irssi keynav lighttpd linux maemo makerepopkg microsoft mount move to sd-card murmur n900 nbtstat ncat netcfg nvidia pagemove palava powersaving privoxy pure-ftpd python repository roundcube rrdcached rrdtool ruby samba scripting set own password ssh keygen systemd theme thinkpad transmission tuxcmd udev umts upcheck upgrade vimnav xml xp

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