Palava or the hellish way through Ruby


finally after 3 days I got Palava running on my server.
It was a hell of a trip because Palava depends on Ruby.

Since the first time I had contect with this language I didn't liked it and now I kind of hate it.

The concept behind ruby is a bit like Arch (which I love) but the realisation is the worst possible.

Here a short introduction to the concept:

  • there is a core called ruby which provides the main functions used by everyone (= base repo in Arch)
  • and there are modules written by Ruby developers to extent the core which all can be found at (= packages in AUR)

The one thing that's missing is a place and a quality assessment for often used modules (= extra & community repo in Arch).
That is why there are many module definitions at which have out-dated dependencies like ruby-rake, ruby-rdoc or rubygems already found in the core.
Also the content of the yanl-files which define the environment (dependencies, licenses, …) of a module (= PKGBUILD on Arch) are far from being similiar and complete.

The worst things I found while struggling with writing and building PKGBUILDs for Ruby modules were:

  • dependency loop (rdoc ↔ kpeg)
  • missing dependency definitions (logger-colors → logger)
  • missing licenses (nearly no yaml-file defined the license)

But hey, I got it working at the end. :D
If you want to try it have a look at
If you want to build it yourself because you don't trust the packages found in my repository then have a look at my documentation.

BTW I found some bugs in Palava and Arch-scripts, too:


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