:!: Because of losing interest in writing this script and it's unnecessity I've stopped the development. :!:

Script bundle to automount ftp directories into user homes including decrypting partitions.


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Version: 0.1

Like you can see here I have a ftp server by using Pure-FTPd.
I'm using a lot of folders which should be binded in every user directory.
To manage this work fast I wrote some bash scripts working together.

At the moment this script bundle only support partitions which are unencrypted or encrypted with cryptsetup and Pure-FTPd.
It can handle many different directories, devices and users.



  1. save the scripts in a directory, all should be executable
  2. change into directory where the scripts are situated
  3. start configuration by using: ./all configure
  4. answer the questions correctly, there is no error detection at the moment
  5. to start the process type: ./all start
  6. to stop just type: ./all stop

The script will start Pure-FTPd per init.d-script but if you take a look into pureftp script you'll see an example for starting without init.d.


  • truecrypt encrypted device support
  • support starting ftp-server by setting commands
  • error detection

Version history:

  • set configuration file
  • decrypt/encrypt and mount/unmount cryptsetup encrypted partitions
  • mount/umount directories into user home as read-only bindings
  • supports unlimited amount of partitions and bindings
  • configuring each partition/binding on its own (e.g. 1. encrypted, 2. not encrypted)
  • create mountpoint of bindings if allowed in config-file


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